Children’ s International Summer Villages (CISV)


What is CISV?  It stands for Children’s International Summer Villages.  It’s a 60-year-old organization, which is run almost entirely by volunteers in 70 countries.  The trip costs less than it would cost to send your son or daughter to a camp Up North for a similar amount of time.  Every CISV experience is built on the idea of reciprocal hospitality and global friendship.

Several information sessions about CISV Detroit’s 2016 travel opportunities are planned in the next few weeks.  The organization has four learning themes: diversity, human rights, conflict resolution, and sustainability.  Youth also participate in local activities around those themes.

They have no budget for advertising or direct mailing, to keep costs down. Feel free to spread the word.

For more information contact Emilia Askari – Journalist, teacher, and game developer, at 248-229-2990.