Literature for Girls! Classes Begin 1/12/2016-Waterford


Literature for girls classes begin on January 1st, 2016.  Here are some details regarding the classes:

Level one: American Girl Club Tuesdays at 1pm-This class is a fun introduction to history and talking about books together for ages 7 and up. No reading required! Each week they will read the chapter in class and do an activity based on what they’ve read. A different girl will be covered each semester. Their next girl is Felicity. Come enjoy horses and tea parties as they learn about the American Revolution. Meets for 6 weeks. Class is 45 minutes in length. $28

Level two: Little House Literature Discussion Tuesdays at 2:30pm-This class meets weekly and requires at home reading assignments of two or more chapters per week. No outside homework will be required other than reading. In class students will discuss the chapters and do activities inspired by their reading. The main goal of this class is to inspire a love of reading and learning through books. Recommended for ages 9-13 with a fourth grade or higher reading level. Meets for 8 weeks covering one book each term. The next book is Little House on the Prairie. Class is one hour in length. $42

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