Little House Literature Class Continues 4/12-Waterford

Starting April 12th at 2pm: On the Banks of Plum Creek
Join them as Laura moves into a most interesting house, starts school and learns to form relationships with others as the Ingalls move off of the prairie and closer to town.  Students will discuss the book weekly and do pioneer crafts and activities including making cornhusk dolls.  The purpose of this class is to develop a love of reading while learning about history.  The hopes for this class is that  girls will love the books so much that they go on to finish the series on their own and then continue reading for the rest of their lives.
Suggested ages/ grades: 10-13 years/ 5-7th grade (based on other students enrolled)
Homework requirements: reading five chapters at home each week
Class length: 8 weeks 2-3pm, Final week 2-4pm
Cost: $42 (includes craft supplies)
Please email Jo Anne Kroll with questions, details, and location at: