Student Statesmanship Institute On Site Opportunity-Metro Detroit


Have any of you heard of Student Statesmanship Institute? Many in the homeschooling community, and beyond, have very favorable things to say about the unique opportunity SSI offers students to learn hands on about our government and values based leadership.  (There will be website information below for you to learn more about the organization.)  This is a two-day versus five-day program held locally versus Lansing.  It is said to be a wonderful experience that many schools and homeschool groups have hosted.  Some testimonials of past program attendees state they learned more with SSI than in a semester or more elsewhere.  The program is geared for 13-19 year olds, but SSI does leave it up to parents if considering a mature 12. Given their dynamic election year, this could be a great learning experience for students!

To accomplish the above they need, but are not limited to, 40 students.  The dates available for this calendar year are two of the three days from December 12-15.  Actual time is two full days and the evening of the second day, or part of the morning of a third day.  Students must commit to completing the entire program.   After they know if there is enough interest, they will pursue a facility.  (If you have a possible facility in mind, please forward the information.)  Cost is $55 per student with a $5 discount for early registration and they can sleep in their own beds!  If you love the experience, SSI does not have to be a one time experience.  Your On Site fulfills what SSI calls the House track allowing returning students to attend the Senate Track or other programs of interest as listed on the website. 

 Here is that web site to help you in your research:

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Gagliano at