World Geography Class


Full Year Course 6th – 8th grade
One Geography Credit                 

Course Tutor: Angie Murrell

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Course Description: 

This is a fun, very hands-on class. During the year, students will be learning to complete an entirely blank world map, blank continent maps, and blank U.S. maps from memory. They will be learning all continents, oceans, major bodies of water and rivers, all 50 united states and capitals, and countries across the world. They’ll learn about geographic land forms, map keys, the compass rose, grids, time zones, and other geographic terms. There will be outside work required each week consisting of map work and memorization of locations. The end result will be students who are well versed in the physical geography of the world.

 As a supplement to the study of the physical world, students will be reading missionary stories and biographies corresponding to some of the locations we will be learning. There will be approximately 1 book for every 6-8 weeks of class.

Course Requirements:

Parents are expected to see that their student has all of the appropriate materials prior to the first class session. Parents will need to monitor the student’s daily map and memory work in order to ensure that he/she is keeping up with the schedule.  The student notebook must be graded by the parent for each nine-week period. If a student is not willing to work hard, and the parents are unwilling to supervise their student’s progress, please do not register for this course.

Required Texts: 

Required Missionary stories

Adoriram Judson ISBN: 1576581616

David Livingstone  ISBN: 1576581535

Rachel Saint  ISBN: 1576583376

Wilfred Grenfell  ISBN: 1576582922

No textbook or workbook required.  Handouts will be provided.

Fall Class Tuition is $450 per class per year, which is approximately $11 per class session. After August 1, tuition increases to $500.00/class.  Enrollment and fee information is below.

Fall classes registration – $65.00/family after July 1st increases to $85.00/family and August 1 it increases to $105.00
Upon registration a $10.00 deposit will be paid.  This is deducted from your final bill.

Payment Options:
Option 1.
Tuition may be paid in one payment at the beginning of the year or in two equal payments at the beginning of each semester. To ensure the correct balance due, please pay after an invoice has been sent from their office.

Option 2.
They have a monthly payment program for those on a budget. If you choose the monthly payment, then they ask that you send them nine (9) checks in advance. They will hold the checks until it is time to pay your monthly tuition. On the first of each month, the check will be deposited. Please make sure there are sufficient funds in your account. Any checks returned for insufficient funds will be a $40.00 fee.Your enrollment is not complete or confirmed until all checks have been sent to them. If you enroll late, They suggest calling the office for specific instruction to avoid any delays in attending classes.

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