Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence Exhibit-Michigan Science Center 9/24


Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence Exhibit

September 24, 2016 – January 15, 2017
Discover the extraordinary diversity of organisms that produce light, and explore how and why they glow!

Scientists are just beginning to uncover the secrets of bioluminescence—the generation of light by living things.

Travel through summer meadows and the deep-sea to explore this incredible natural phenomenon. What kinds of organisms do this? Where are they found? Why do they have this ability? Wander through other-worldly environments, experience the custom soundscape, and encounter amazing organisms.

This exhibit is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada, and The Field Museum, Chicago.

Michigan Science Center
5020 John R St
Detroit, MI 48202