Tackle Football for Homeschoolers

Oakland Christian School is looking for boys in grade 5th and 6th for their tackle football team. Here is some information about the team: They Practice four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and the practice times are 3:30-5:30pm. Practice is on Wednesday’s. Their games are played on Saturday’s and they play six games total. There are three home games and three away games. The home field is at Brandon Middle School. The cost to play is $200 and they provide the helmet, shoulder pads, game and practice jerseys and pants. The parents would have to go out and purchase the following items: Mouth guard that attaches to the helmet, hard black chin strap, black long socks, padded football girdle, sports cup, and rubber studded football cleats. All these items can be found at most sporting good stores. The families are able to register and pay online and upload the mandatory forms at this link http://oclancerathletics. com/hq/athletic-forms/.  They are required to have a physical and other medical forms completed before they start practicing.
If you anyone has any questions, they can email  dandersen@nulloaklandchristian.com .