Homeschool Connections 2-Day Program Survey

Homeschool Connections of Metro Detroit recently had a meeting about a 2-day a week program they are developing for the fall. They received some good feedback and wanted to give families the change to add yours if you want to.  They will still keep their Homeschool Connections program just as it is. It is not going anywhere!

Brief Meeting recap:

They talked about the reasons people are looking for a 2-day program like this–more help, more accountability, have a consistent group students to be with on a more regular basis, and need more support and guidance. This program would cover the main subjects, curriculum based and hands on, dynamic learning. Teachers would teach two days and then assign work to be done at home. They want to make sure they set up a program that people can afford. They talked about various styles, methods, and models, including project-based, classical, unit study, problem-based, critical thinking, faith-based, life skills focus, and more. There are pros and cons to each. They are still doing research and would like to get your preferences.

Now it is your turn. Below is the survey. Please share your ideas if you are interested in this kind of program.

Please answer the survey below and email responses to Thank you!


1. What grades will your children be in the fall of 2017:

2. How is your child currently being educated? Public school, Private school, Homeschool, Homeschool Connections, or other:

3. What isn’t working for your child where they are?

4. What do you hope this program would offer for your child?

5. What days do you prefer for a two-day program.

6. Do you want two days in a row or more of an every other day kind of schedule?

7. What geographic areas would work for you? (Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Farmington Hills, Romeo, Oxford, Other?)

8. What is your interest level in this program personally?
_____ I’m IN! I want to sign up my children now!
_____ This just might be the answer I’ve been looking for! Tell me more!
_____ I’ll let you know what I think when I get all of the details.
_____ Thanks, but I don’t think it is for us.
_____ Do you want to work or teach for this program this fall? If Yes, In what way:

9. Are there any particular educational methods, styles, values, or concepts that you would like us to consider?

10. Are there any specific curriculum suggestions you would like us to consider? What do you like about them?



Social Studies:

Language Arts (Spelling, Writing, Grammar, Literature, Vocabulary, etc.):

11. What else do you want us to know? What questions do you have?