Announcing Homeschool Connections Hybrid-Opening This Fall!

“A two-day a week program combining the freedom of homeschooling with more educational support, accountability, and community!”

“What do children really need to know to be prepared for their life?” This is what they are basing our curriculum on. They are more interested in helping students develop the knowledge, skills, and habits that will serve them the rest of their lives.

In the fall, Homeschool Connections’ took a survey and had a meeting to see how much interest there might be for a hybrid educational program that meets on campus twice a week. The response was fantastic; people relayed they want a 2-day-a-week program that combines the freedom of homeschooling with more educational support, more accountability and more community.

 Since then, they have been working hard to set up a program that would do just that. They are so very excited to announce Homeschool Connections Hybrid will open this fall for grades 1-12. Website coming soon!

For more information about the program, email Tarla Gernert at Tarla@MiHomeschoolConnections. com.