Fun Summer Grammar Classes 6/7-9/6


Using IEW’s Fix It! curriculum, students learn grammar by editing stories. The instructor designed games (Kahoot!) that reinforce key concepts. Classes will be recorded if anyone needs to miss a week.

Approx. 5 min daily homework Level A and 15 min in Level B/C. Level A meets once weekly and is $15 per week. Level B meets twice weekly and is $30 per week. Level A: Wed 12-1:00 PST/ 3-4:00 ET Level B/C: Mon & Wed 11-12:00 PST / 2-3:00 ET A is usually elementary, B/C = middle and high school.

Not sure which level? Contact Meg at for a free assessment!

Original flyer at link below:

2017 Summer Online Grammar Class