The Paris Academy Offers Online Program for Homeschool Families: Presentation 7/12 @ Livonia Davenport University

There is an innovative program available for K-12 homeschool families that specializes in dual enrollment opportunities.  The Paris Academy located in Saginaw, services the entire state of Michigan and have had many students graduate with not only college credit, but in some cases college degrees. For those not participating in dual enrollment or those too young, they like to partner with groups to promote enrichment activities and in almost every case they pay for all of it.

Some other examples of what they pay for are: tutoring, dance, music lessons, 4-H, sporting activities, learning  material, etc. They are also one of the only cyber schools that are giving special needs students the education they deserve. Their students are able to go at their own pace. There are no classroom times. The program is 100% free to them as well.

They will be presenting on July 12th at the Livonia Davenport University.  Registration is at 6 PM and the Presentation is at 7 PM. For more details email Tony at or call 989-401-9101 or visit their website at

Location for Livonia Davenport University

19499 Victor Parkway

Livonia, MI 4815

*Logo courtesy of The Paris Academy