American All Stars Summer Camps 6/25-6/28-Commerce Township


For full details, click here. Must register in advance and sign a waiver!

9:00am – 12:00pm :

Tumbling (Ages 6-14.) Tumblers will spend camp time doing tumbling lines, circuits, trampoline, jumps, flexibility & strength training and more! Perfect for dancers, cheerleaders, gymnasts and kids who love flipping! All skill levels welcome from cartwheels to back tucks!

Karate Weapons (Ages 6-14.) Learn a traditional Okinawan weapon during the week. Students will learn weapons basics, traditional weapon safety, and an entire weapon kata. Weapon progression: bo, nunchucks, then sai. Students should preorder a weapon to ensure they have it for the camp.

Popstar Dance (Ages 6-12.) Campers will use their creative skills to become the POPSTAR they have always wanted to be! They will create Music videos, CD Covers and individual acts that will culminate on the last day in the “Allstars Got Talent” Performance.

*Nano Ninja (Ages 5-7.) They offer camps specifically tailored to their smaller ninjas allowing them to build confidence on ninja elements that are appropriate to their size! Wednesday & Thursday Only! $40/ day

*Ninja Warrior (Ages 7-15.) Our Ninja Warrior Camp will combine the challenges of ninja warrior training with the fun and excitement of organized play. Thursday Only! $40/ day


1:00pm – 4:00pm :

Gymnastics Campers ages 5-14 will work on vault, bars, beams, floor & trampoline. Coaches will place gymnasts in groups based on age and ability. (some days only have 5 spaces left!)

Nick Jr. Boys and girls ages 3.5.-5.5 will experience the adventures of their favorite TV characters! Get lost in the world of Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Dora, Blue’s Clues and more! Gym games, outdoor fun, crafts, obstacle courses, and treasure hunts. Must be fully potty trained.

Traditional Karate (Ages 5-12.) All levels welcome! Spend 4 days learning traditional kata, sparring, and self-defense. Students that attend all 4 days are eligible for their next belt (up to purple belt.) Intro students will learn the basics of each subject and receive their 1st belt on Thursday!

*Ninja Warrior (Ages 7-15.) Interested in testing your skills as a Ninja Warrior? Our Ninja Warrior Camp will combine the challenges of ninja warrior training with the fun and excitement of organized play. Monday & Tuesday Only! $40/ day

Edge Sports Camp (Ages 7-15. Wear tennis shoes.) Running fast, jumping high, kicking the ball, swinging the bat, shooting hoops…what being a kid is all about! Run by the ninja department. Wednesday & Thursday Only!