Maker Faire is Coming to Detroit July 28-29!

Maker Faire is Coming to Detroit July 28-29!


Maker Faire is coming too Detroit July 28-29. Check out the E-Blox while you’re there!

E-Blox are new, innovative electronic construction toys that enable kids and adults to build figures that light up with no wires. There are three different products we would be displaying and enabling the public to play with: E-Blox pARTS, E-Blox Circuit Builder and E-Blox Stories. E-Blox pARTS uses typical Lego size parts, some which are plated in tin and thus conductive, and some with LEDs that light up in them and a battery module to power the LEDs, which together enables the ability to build three dimensional electrical circuits that light up your figures with no wires. E-Blox Circuit Builder uses duplo size blocks with electrical components in them (e.g. resistors, capacitors, switches, LEDs, lamps, motors, etc.) and pin connection to enable you to build 3-dimensional circuits that light up, spin and fly fans and make music and space sounds, all with no wires or soldering. E-Blox Stories uses E-Blox pARTS to build characters and figures in a story as you read the story, and uses QR links to provide education on topics related to the story. They would be demonstrating all three of these new products and allow the public to play with them in their booth at the show.

The company will sell its educational circuitry building sets for 25% off at the show. Here are the details of the show:

Maker Faire Detroit

The Henry Ford Center

Dearborn, MI

July 28-29

For more information, go to https://detroit.makerfaire. com/

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