Homeschool Group/Washington DC Trip

It’s time to get connected!  Don’t let the homeschool year pass you by!  Get busy connecting, making new friends and experiencing new journeys! There is support for those continuing the journey late elementary to high school.Check out the homeschooling group: (MHC) The goal is to provide a welcoming and inclusive forum where families that are currently homeschooling schooling school-age children (late elementary to high school) can build relationships and network. They also strive to keep members informed and active with the many local and educational and social opportunities available to home educators within the Metropolitan Detroit area and surrounding tri-counties.
Check it out and become a member!
There is a Washington DC/Gettysburg Tour set up for the Spring of 2019
They are seeking interested home educators who might have had this on a “Worldschooling Bucket List” but, the planning is too exhausting!
If you are interested you have two options:
  1. View itinerary on Meetup Website (
  2. Email Lori White for details (