You are Invited to Join the Michigan Opera Theatre Performances at Student Rates

You are Invited to Join the Michigan Opera Theatre Performances at Student Rates

Contact them below to reserve your spot!

If your child loves to sing, come check out Secret World of Og…maybe your child will be on stage NEXT year.  This is a great opportunity to see an all-student performance of the Michigan Opera Theatre Children’s Chorus.

Candide (Leonard Bernstein)

Friday March 8th, 11am 

Macomb Center for the Performing Arts 

Bernstein’s coming-of-age operetta that challenges the concept of optimism in one man’s search to find happiness. Student dress rehearsal $10/ticket


Secret World of Og.  ***Sign up today*** 

Performed by the Michigan Opera Theatre Children’s Chorus. Based on the Pierre Berton novel, siblings who journey into an underground world of mushrooms in search of their baby brother.

This student dress looks like it will sell out so please respond asap if you’re interested.

Secret World of Og, MOTCC children’s opera

Friday, March  22nd 11am (arrive 10:15)

student dress rehearsal $10/ ticket

Secret World of Og, MOTCC children’s opera 

Saturday, March 23rd  2:30pm  

$35 adults

$15 students under 18


Hansel & Gretel (Engelbert Humperdinck)

German (English super-titles)

Friday, April 5th, 11am 

Humperdinck’s classic fairy tale with puppetry by award winning puppeteer Basil Twist.  Student dress rehearsal $10/ticket

THE GRAPES OF WRATH (Ricky Ian Gordon – Michael Korie) 

Friday May 10th, 2019, 11am $10/ticket The heart wrenching opera tells the story of the Joad family and their quest for survival during the 1935 Dust Bowl.

Parking, arrival time, meeting place, etc

Opera house parking structure is your easiest parking option.  Entrances to the structure are located off of JohnR & Grand River (between Madison and Broadway)  There is STILL plenty of area construction so please leave early.  Plan to arrive 10:15am to get tickets. Doors open promptly at 10:30am.    Often, you can get some really good seats up front.  You no longer have to go in as a group, so once you get your tickets you can go ahead and get find seats. Bring something to read as performances will not start until 11:00am.

Students and families will meet in the usual place next to the group ticket sales window inside the Madison entrance. Remember to walk in past the lines of people arriving via yellow school bus.  THEY ARE A SMALL GROUP BUT GET SPECIAL

“VIP TREATMENT” AS HOMESCHOOLERS.  So please, if there are lines to get

in certain doors, pick another door and walk straight in.  They’ll be on the left. Please contact Victoria F soon to reserve your spot and arrange for payment at 313-585-4085