Homeschooling And Learning French (HALF)

Homeschooling And Learning French (HALF)


No Online courses! No Tutoring Fees! No Internet!

Can homeschooled students reach an acceptable level of verbal and written fluency in French? Yes, they can!  And in many cases, they excel compared to other students in the regular school system.

By using an engaging material, mainly dialogues, and applying an innovative Methodology, the Video-Courses provide the students with countless opportunities to express themselves fluently and correctly in French, and help them know where their mistakes are through explanation in French and English so they can avoid making the same mistakes again.

The uniquenessof the program resides in the fact that it is:

– Accessible: The video-lessons are downloadable.

– Affordable: The video-lessons are tutoring sessions in themselves. The parents save a great deal of money if they have more than one child since the video-lessons can be used to teach the whole family without paying weekly or monthly fees for tutoring or online courses. For the fees of 2 hours tutoring, you can own the whole video-course for life.

– Accountable: They stand behind their material and courses, ready to help the parents and the students with feedback. The resources respond to the need of every individual learner, with a full guarantee that they will help the students express themselves in French in a very efficient way.

To view the programs, click here.

Once on the site, click on Manage Your Products, then under CUSTOM CATEGORIES, click on Full French Courses and you will see the following downloadable courses:

French Beginner I: Full Coursefor the period of 10 months, September to June. (lessons1-10, 37 videos, 190 minutes,
38 PDF) $89.98

This course is divided into 2 parts and each one is available separately for $49.99.

For more information about their programs, and to get some advice on what course to choose, please contact Antoine Khoury (42 years of teaching French),

They also send a free video containing the first dialogue of the first lesson so you are able to view closely the intensity of their innovative approach in teaching French.