Plymouth Fife & Drum Corps Information Meeting October 14, 2019-Canton

About Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps
Members, ages 12-18 years old, come from the greater Detroit area. Each year, as their older members graduate from high school, they bring in new members to carry on the tradition. The staff of experienced instructors teach their new recruits and guide them along their journey in a very unique musical experience. It is here that they learn team work, music education, and a place where friendships that last a lifetime are formed. Musical experience is not required to join. For more information on how to join the Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps, feel free to attend the New Member Information Meeting on Monday, October 14th at 7pm at Salem High School in Canton, Michigan…18th Century regulations required every regiment in the army to have a fifer and drummer to play battlefield signals and music to entertain the soldiers. Over 200 years later, the Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps carries the ancient spirit of musicianship and patriotism to audiences across America. Nationally recognized as one of the nation’s premier junior fife and drum corps, the Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps has been delighting audiences since 1971. Wearing authentic reproductions of General George Washington’s personal guard of 1783, the Corps plays music ranging from traditional early American pieces through modern arrangements on traditional rope tension drums and 10 hole fifes which are meticulously hand crafted for the group. The Corps also has a color guard who leads the front of the corps carrying flags.