Homeschool Nature Classes (Ages 5-10) January 23, 2020 & February 18, 2020-Troy

Photo Credit: Stage Nature Center

For homeschool children and a free parent partner.

Ages: 5-10 years

Fee: $8.50/child; TNS Member Fee: $6.50/child

TNS Members: Use Promo Code MEMBER20 for discount

Wildlife & Winter, Jan 23
Learn about ways wildlife has adapted to surviving winter’s cold. What is snow and how does it help or harm survival? Outside, we will gather and use evidence to unravel the mysteries of winter’s frozen world. The program will take place with or without snow.
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Daytime Astronomy, Feb 18
What is the sun and how does it make life on Earth possible? How does it cause seasons? We will explore our solar system, compare planet sizes and distances from the sun. We will investigate the stars beyond our solar system and the pictures they seem to make in the sky.
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