Blacksmithing for Kids January 18, 2020-Ann Arbor

Blacksmithing for Kids January 18, 2020-Ann Arbor

As stated on the Facebook Events Page, “Blacksmith shops were as common and as important as gas stations are today. Every village, town, and city once employed a blacksmith. They were responsible for fixing or creating a variety of useful items such as knives & swords, hammers & chisels, and hinges & hardware, just to name just a few. The sounds of the iconic hammer pounding on an anvil and smell of the coal harkens back to a time when things moved a little slower, more deliberate. This beginning blacksmithing course for children slows down the modern world and operates to the cadence of the hammer striking the anvil. In this course, your child will learn about this staple trade and ancient craft. Students will learn about lighting and maintaining a coal forge, reading the flame, striking and simple bending, and tools and hardware. Students use this knowledge to take home projects that they heated, pounded and manipulated, leaving them with both an appreciation of the trade and a sense of wonder for the world of folk craft.

While this is a child’s course, it is intensive and demanding. They strongly encourage children to enter the Smith Shop with a high level of maturity. Kids aged 12-17 years are welcome to join this class. No prior experience is required. A parent or guardian is required to sign a wavier at the start of class for the child to participate. You may also add to your Intro class experience a Blacksmithing Open Studio session the day after or another day in the future.–metal-work.html

When: January 18, 2020

Time: 9:00 am-4:00 pm

Location: Mi Folk School 7734 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

Cost: $175

NOTE: Only 2 spaces left!