Challenge Camp @Home A Live, Interactive Virtual Summer Camp Experience

Challenge Camp @Home  A Live, Interactive Virtual Summer Camp Experience

Challenge Camp, an ACA accredited and “Best of Westchester” day camp which celebrates its 40th anniversary, is launching Challenge Camp @Home, a virtual summer day camp experience for bright, curious children. The program is designed in the spirit of the in-person program to retain the same feeling and camaraderie of camp even if children are not together.

All of the classes at Challenge Camp@ Home are elective. Parents customize a program of selections based on their child’s interests, and the camper follows the selections for the entire session letting her / his knowledge and interest grow. The goal is to ensure that campers are engaged and learning this summer.

“In 1981 we set a goal of enriching the lives of children through the exploration of meaningful opportunities during the summer. When campers are engaged in material of interest through the guidance of our experiential instructors, they are able to develop and nurture their unique talents. With the launch of the Challenge Camp @Home today, now more than ever, do we as an organization feel that it is necessary for children to receive enrichment learning during the summer,” says Camp Founder, Carole Berman.

The program offers a selection of over 100 elective STEM and Arts enrichment virtual classes ranging from 3D Printing, Chess, Coding, Cooking, Digital Film production, DJ’ing, Drones, Escape Room, Fashion, Fortnite, Magic, Makerspace, Minecraft, Photography, Robotics, Theater, Virtual / Augmented Reality, YouTube and many options in between. There are also Active options in virtual formats including Dance, Fencing, Ninja Training, and Yoga as we encourage campers to challenge both their mind and body. The @Home version includes our innovative thematic approach to Pre-Kindergarten learning with our Discover, Imagine, and Create program.

In the Virtual Camp program, there will be five (5) Periods in the camp day. Each period will last 50 minutes, with Screen Breaks intentionally built into the schedule between classes. The camp day will run from 9 AM – 3 PM, and all classes will be LIVE & INTERACTIVE with dynamic instructors. Students attending for the Full Day will make 5 class selections – however there will also be flexible scheduling options. A camper will be able take 2, 3, 4 or 5 classes to enable families to structure their camper’s day in a way that works best for their schedule.

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