Homeschool (Middle School) Football Team-Oakland Christian School

Homeschool (Middle School) Football Team-Oakland Christian School

As a small, private school Oakland Christian School welcomes all players to join their middle school football team (they currently have 2 homeschool students on the team). They don’t have a large team so there is lots of opportunity for playing time for everyone. Their coaches are focused on teaching football, having fun, and helping each player grow and learn.

Grades: 7th and 8th-grade boys

Practice Location: Oakland Christian School (3075 Shimmons Rd., Auburn Hills, MI)

Practice days/times: Practice will start at 3:45 pm and usually goes until 5:30 pm. They practice 4 days a week (no Wednesdays) until games begin in September. Practices begin next Monday, August 10th, but students can still join during the first week of practice.
Games: They play their games on Saturdays. They play against teams in the CYO (catholic youth league).

Registration: The cost to play is $200. Students can register at

Questions: Please contact Susan Brock at or Chelsea Mitchell at