Physical Education Programs for K-12-Commerce

Physical Education Programs for K-12-Commerce

Kennedy Athletics offers

  • Multi-sport programming for K-1 tumbling and general fitness
  • Grades 2-3 intro to sports, teamwork and general nutrition
  • Grades 4-5 seasonal sports, and nutrition (4 weeks of soft stick intro to lacrosse and 4 weeks of badminton) – 8 week program 30-45 minute time slots at your schedule -(20 minutes between sessions for cleaning).

Minimum 10 participants for a session. $8 per session paid at the first of 16 sessions ($128 per student).

For Middle and High School Students they offer multiple options.

  • Virtual Reality Fitness, Multi-Sport (lacrosse soft stick, or if have own equipment students could run box lacrosse, flag football, badminton), and fitness and weight training classes (utilizing science and kinesiology based practices).

Participants cycle through sports, fitness, and weight lifting and health twice a week for 8 weeks. This course load would run 45-60 minutes a session minimum of 10 participants for a session to run at $15 a session ($240 per student).

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