Nature for the Homeschooler-West Bloomfield

Nature for the Homeschooler-West Bloomfield

Let’s turn the outdoors into a classroom. Students will learn through inquiry-based learning and hands-on exploration (includes STEAM- science, technology, English, art, and math activities). These programs will focus on ecological concepts and will foster awareness and appreciation for the natural world.

Students will participate in an interactive nature talk, hands-on learning, and an outdoor hike. With the COVID-19 precautions, it means the classes are held entirely outside, temperature checks at check-in, and masks will be worn if it is not possible to maintain 6ft distance.

Masks will also be worn during the hike because it is hard for a group to maintain a 6ft distance on the trail. Parents are not required to stay but may join in the adventure if they wish. Classes are divided into two age groups, ages 5-8 in the morning and 9-12 in the afternoon. The next class is on September 30.

Ages 5-8, 10 am-12 pm: Rock and Rollypolly- Students will learn about living vs nonliving things as they play games along the trails.

Ages 9-12, 1 pm-3 pm: From Tadpole to Frog- Students will explore the life cycles of animals that live in the pond.

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Cathy Wesley