Annual Tour to Historic Boston, Massachusetts 2021 {Rescheduled Event}

Annual Tour to Historic Boston, Massachusetts 2021 {Rescheduled Event}
Calling all fellow home educators! A Metro Detroit homeschool group is inviting families to travel with them on their annual educational tour featuring Historic Boston, Massachusetts. This is open to all homeschoolers, families, and friends and there are limited seats available for all ages.
Departure Date from Farmington Hills Set for: June 2-6, 2021
The tour is a five-day all-inclusive package including in-house travel host, transportation, 5-star hotel accommodations, breakfast, dinners, guided museum tours, day cruise, city discovery bike tours, and much more!
The cost is $799 per person with a guad reservation. Quad means (4) people in your traveling party or pair up with another traveling family to complete the reservation. Triple or double reservations are available. A full itinerary is available to registered travelers. Please do not leave comments or inquiries if you are not interested in booking the tour.
For more information, contact or Facebook Messenger.