“NO PRESSURE” Homeschool Curriculum for the Early Years

“NO PRESSURE” Homeschool Curriculum for the Early Years

Other Goose is a pioneer in early child development.

Designed for kids 2-7, it offers a charter school-approved curriculum with a “no-pressure” approach to learning. It can be completed in less than a half-hour per day! There’s no supply list with Other Goose, no expensive books to buy, no prep work, and is 100% flexible and affordable! And the best part is Other Goose is self-paced and builds seamlessly into a parent’s existing schedule. Sounds simple? It is. Effective? Absolutely!

Designed to cut out “fuss management”-

which is a whole lot of wasted time found in traditional learning institutions – Other Goose offers short 20-minute lessons (in five-minute increments) specifically designed for a child’s age, education level, and learning capabilities.

Other Goose bridges the gap between memorization and learning. Younger learners are introduced to math basics, poetry, nature ideas, relationship building, language skills, reading lists, habit formation, and so much more.

Other Goose is more than an educational tool for parents – it’s a supportive early learning homeschooling village where parents will feel connected to other parents and have all the support they need from Other Goose, yet have a sense of autonomy.

Other Goose is built on three pillars:

Math, Logic, and Foundation, with lots of room for read-a-louds and free play. And learning can take place anywhere–from the kitchen table to the backyard! For example, a math lesson can easily be built into having a child set the plates on the dinner table, counting raisins, or perhaps sticks collected on a parent-child walk around the backyard or neighborhood.

In fact, Other Goose encourages parents to get outside with their kids since teachable moments can happen at any time! This is valuable time spent between child and parent–not hours of instruction in front of a computer screen.

Parents have access to over 365

researched-based (and kid-loved!) early learning prompts to spark connections, curiosity, and consistency in kids. Whether it’s one lesson or five, you and your child find what works both for you!

The key is finding what excites and drives a child, which is why Other Goose has individual interest logs to document each child’s passion and unique trajectory in the home. It is all about “eye sparkle” moments, not a grade that will fuel a child.

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