Inspire Young Minds Through SEED and STEAM Learning

Inspire Young Minds Through SEED and STEAM Learning

Schiffer Kids strives to inspire young minds and challenges them to question the world around them. They are proud to do this through their AWARD-WINNING titles! Check out some of our 2020 award winners:

Max’s Box

“This engagingly written and wonderfully illustrated book helps children to understand how, with the help of those who care, we can learn to let go of those things that hold us back and keep us from moving on.” —Linda Mayers, PhD, child psychologist

“An appropriate metaphor to help children manage their emotions.” —Kirkus Reviews

  • Award-winning author Brian Wray uses a magical growing box to illustrate children’s emotional development and health
  • Color unfurls in beautifully symbolic illustrations as Max stops hiding his feelings in his box
  • Includes a parents’ guide for managing children’s emotions without suppressing or dismissing them

Geraldine and the Most Spectacular Science Project

The story inspires kids to think out of the box, shows that science is anything but boring, and, perhaps, will have them wanting to invent something themselves.” —Bookworms for Kids

 “Geraldine and the Most Spectacular Science Project is a good STEM/STEAM picture book for kids who still love picture books but are ready to take on more complex text. The story provides a look at some popular science fair projects, like the erupting volcano and solar system mobile; teachers who are prepping classes for a science fair should kick off with this one, particularly for first- and second-graders. Illustrations are colorful and cheerful and present a diverse group of learners.” —Rosemary Kiladitis, Mom Read It

 Young readers will rally behind this ambitious second-grade girl who, with only her dreams and gizmos, has the power to change the world

  • STEM-minded girls and boys will learn that science can be found in everyday objects, including discarded gadgets
  • Geraldine, with her uncanny ability to challenge the status quo, leads the way for kids to believe in themselves, try new things, and follow their dreams
  • Don’t miss her second book, Geraldine and the Space Bees, out now, and her third book, Geraldine and the Anti-bullying Shield, coming soon


“Marsden’s art style invites in all graphic novel readers. The cartoonish yet vivid faces of the characters are warm and friendly and make Marvin’s story feel familiar and accessible. Marvin is a fun read for any film fan who wants to learn about musical scores, ironically one of the medium’s most unsung aspects.” —Jewish Book Council

“Interesting, humorous, and well written … a perfect teaching aid for teachers.” —Pick a Good Book

“God gave Marvin Hamlisch a life that has made for some great storytelling, and this graphic novel is proof. It’s a great read, historically fascinating, and 100% Marvin in its wit and wisdom. I never wanted it to end.” —Lucie Arnaz, Emmy Award–winning producer and actress

  • Seasoned cartoonist Ian David Marsden adapts and illustrates the incredible biography of Marvin Hamlisch
  • Music lovers and theater kids will gain inspiration from Marvin’s journey
  • Intense anxiety didn’t stop Marvin from going on to win the coveted PEGOT

Something Is Bugging Samantha Hansen

“Nancy Viau uses skillful and strategic childlike language to tell this heartfelt story from the perspective of 10-year-old Samantha, thus making the story relatable for younger audiences. Overall, Nancy Viau has created a masterfully relatable and immensely fun story that can be enjoyed by young readers with passion and a little bit of spunk of their own.” —Emma Merwin, Skipping Stones Magazine

  • Samantha Hansen, fourth-grade scientist, returns with a quest to save the honeybees in her community
  • Nature lovers will join Sam in learning about the role of bees, community engagement, and emotional development
  • Filled with Sam’s lists of insect facts and laugh-out-loud comments on school, family, and friends

Mega Awesome Notebook

 Mega Awesome Notebook looks and feels different from other books and might have special appeal for reluctant readers. But for any audience, its twists and turns make for a fun, refreshing, and surreal ride.” —Foreword Reviews (starred review)

“Both written and illustrated by Kevin Minor, this touching glimpse into the mind of an angst-ridden teen is nothing short of brilliant. The Mega Awesome Notebook delighted me in its ingenuity and creativity and delivered a laugh on every page despite its sometimes emotionally charged subject matter.” —Louanne Piccolo for Readers’ Favorite

  • When a boy’s school notebook becomes radioactive, the drawings in it come to life
  • This graphic novel literally draws the reluctant reader into a world of creativity, escape, and problem-solving
  • What would you do if you could create a new world from your notebook doodles?

Escape Game Adventure Series:  The Mad Hacker & The Last Dragon

“Fun stories, great illustrations, and approachable but challenging puzzles that kept us all engaged throughout” —Top Escape Rooms Project

“The art was adorable. It was vibrant, colorful, and fun.” —Escape Room Artist

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