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  1. I am up in Saginaw, is it alright if I use your website and participate in some of the events?

  2. I do not live in Detroit nor do I live anywhere near Michigan. I actually live in New Mexico and I found your site through a search on Swagbucks for Chanukkah lessons. I hope that I can go through your links as I am always looking for materials for the Jewish Holidays and Jewish Life.
    I have not searched your site for this link but I thought you might like to check it out. It is a wonderful place to get information on the Jewish Life and Holidays. It is not a Jewish site it is a Christian site based on showing how a Christian should live their life from the Jewish Customs and Holidays. Why would I suggest this site for Jewish information. I have found it very educational. You see I am a Messianic Jew but I was not raised in the Jewish faith. I find the materials on this site informative and it helps me in understanding my Messianic Jewish Faith.

    I hope that you will enjoy the site.

    Heart of Wisdom – Although not all the materials are free she has a great amount of free materials on her site.


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