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The Science of Winter + Sneaky Homeschool Tip!

If you’re looking for great educational material, look no further than your own television set!  Some of my favorite resources are the History Channel, the Science Channel and National Geographic Channel.

Is Homeschooling The Right Choice?

Homeschooling isn’t the right choice for everyone. Here’s a post I wrote for the Detroit Mommies site to help you decide if this is the best fit for you family.

Free “Understanding Unschooling” Teleconference

Diane Flynn Keith of is presenting a free teleconference for those interested in the unschooling method. This special guest for this conference is Pat Farenga, author of “Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling.”

Homeschooling: You’re Doing It Wrong!!!

When my family and I decided to begin homeschooling about 10 years ago, I found myself asking the same questions of every homeschooler I met, for probably about the first three or four years: “How do you ho