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High School Blacklight Dance

The Dance Project is a joint effort between students and parents to promote fun dancing, self respect and leadership for purity, freedom and glory. Events are open to the public and particularly popular with homeschool teens in the Metro Detroit area.

Detroit Science Center Homeschool “HIP” Days

The Detroit Science Center offers special programming for homeschool students in the Metro Detroit area.

Hands-on Interactive Program (HIP) sessions will take home school students on an in-depth exploration of space, physical and life science concepts and are the perfect compliment to the hands-on exhibits. These programs will be thematic and cover grades 1-12 in specialized units.

Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering

UWG gatherings are for unschooling families around the country to simply have fun, relax and share time with other unschoolers – ie. families homeschooling in a non-traditional, child-led, interest based, life learning approach. Those new or looking into unschooling are welcomed to come with the understanding they have researched unschooling, come with an open mind and are respectful to those at various stages of unschooling.