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Homeschooling Journey Weeks 36 and 37

Wow, it’s hard to believe we are almost out of the month of May.  We officially ended homeschooling classes and other extracurricular activities.  Just 3 ….

Homeschooling Journey Weeks 34 and 35

Who is adoring this warm spring weather?  Ahhhh, loving it!  With warmer weather comes exciting outdoor homeschool fun and activities.  We are planning our trip ….

Homeschooling Journey Weeks 32 and 33

  Wow, what a windy and warm day.  Those winds sound pretty violent at times.  Hoping the power doesn’t go out…..yikes!  The past couple of ….

Homeschooling Journey Weeks 30 and 31

Wow, can’t believe it’s April!  Just wish the weather reflected more spring-like weather these days.   I’m seeing it’s supposed to go to 55 today, so ….