Kids in the Kitchen

Working with your kids in the kitchen is a natural way to teach them about math, science, reading and so much more.  Not only that, it’s fun too!

Cranberry Honey Butter Recipe

This is a great option for hostess gifts! They (literally) whip together in no time and keep in the refrigerator for about two weeks.  This will allow you to make them all up ahead of time and just grab one on your way out the door. Add a fresh loaf of local bread or some […]

Learning to Bake

  I know it has been a little while since I lasted posted here on Lindsey’s Journey.  I was originally busy planning and prepping our new school year and now adjusting to it.  Who can relate? Haha!  Our schedule also includes Jelly Bean (4) attending preschool Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Yay!  It’s great to be able […]

{Online Class} Artisan Bread Making

It’s inevitable that homeschooling families like to be self-sufficient.  I know that I would love to learn to make our own clothes, grow all of our own food, etc.  What about bread making? I personally have never tried this and would love to give it a shot.  I came across an Artisan Bread Making Class […]

5 Summer Recipes for Kids

When we hit the hot summer months, it can be very easy to make our kids something that is not as healthy as we think.  We want to teach our kids the importance of a healthy diet so that they can grow into healthy adults.  I have been embedding this into my girls for quite some time and figured I […]

Kids Can Cook: Meringue Cookies

This fun & easy recipe only requires a few, simple ingredients but are oh-so-yummy to eat.  We make these cookies every year.  Sometimes, we loop a piece of ribbon through each cookie and hang them from our tree too. You’ll find the printable recipe card below.   Easy Meringue Cookies Ingredients: 3 egg whites 1 […]

Kids Can Cook: Sand Art Brownies

These Sand Art Brownies make the perfect gift for co-op teachers and tutors.  Actually, they are so good, you may just want to make a batch for yourself!  My daughter, home from college, tasted my test batch and said they were the best brownies she’s ever tried. Kids will have fun measuring & pouring the […]

Kids Can Cook: Hot Chocolate

This recipe is perfect for a cold winter day. Forget the packages of dry hot chocolate mix; this is so easy and fun to make! (Scroll down below the recipe for a FREE printable recipe card.) Kids in the Kitchen: Hot Chocolate Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup of milk 1 oz of chocolate (we used chocolate […]

Kids Can Cook: Cheese Strata

This recipe is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Just remember to start early; it needs to stay in the refrigerator for at least an hour.  You can even make this a day ahead! Scroll down past the recipe for a FREE printable recipe card. Kids in the Kitchen: Cheese Strata Recipe Ingredients: 8 slices […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Frakenweenie Recipes!

    Whether your kids love to celebrate Halloween or you want something a little fun to go along with the new Frakenweenie movie, these printable recipes might be just what you are looking for! Can’t get enough?  Here’s three more for you! Funny Bones Salty Bones Sweet Skulls Aside from Halloween and the movie, […]

Kids in The Kitchen: Strawberry Banana Shake

If you have a budding chef that loves to create things in the kitchen, you’ll love this simple and healthy recipe kids can make with just a little bit of help from you! This recipe calls for only 4 ingredients (plus ice) and a blender.  Double or triple it to make a large batch to […]

Someone’s in the Kitchen With Molly

By Molly Green Some years ago a friend sent me a greeting card that pictured a frazzled mom on the front. Several of her children, in various stages of misbehavior and mischief, surrounded her. As one child stood on a chair in the kitchen, soapy water spilled out of the sink onto the floor while […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Dog Biscuits

These doggies biscuits were the perfect craft for AV and her daddy.  Cooking/Crafting in the name of our furry friends often is the best way to connect with a younger child.  She enjoyed rolling the dough and cutting it into bone shapes, and was also excited to use Photoshop to design her label. Daddy was […]

Kids in the KItchen: Love Potion

I teach a class called Hogwarts America at a local co/op, and since I was pretending to be their Potions Professor this week I thought I could give them a special potion recipe to do at home as my Valentine to them. In our class we did a Potion that illustrated layering liquids with different […]

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods
Kids In The Kitchen: Chocolate Pretzel Rods & White Chocolate Bark

As homeschool moms, we’re almost always incorporating learning into every day activities.  One of the easiest, and most fun, ways is while in the kitchen.  Who says we don’t use what we learned in algebra and chemistry in every day life?  By having children work along side you in the kitchen, we’re you’re introducing them […]

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