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Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering

UWG gatherings are for unschooling families around the country to simply have fun, relax and share time with other unschoolers – ie. families homeschooling in a non-traditional, child-led, interest based, life learning approach. Those new or looking into unschooling are welcomed to come with the understanding they have researched unschooling, come with an open mind and are respectful to those at various stages of unschooling.

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Homeschool Martial Arts Classes in West Bloomfield

Vortex Martial Arts Studio, in West Bloomfield offers morning and day classes geared towards homeschooled children in the metro Detroit area. Classes are focused on teaching children real-world skills such as: Leadership Discipline Focus Values Character Development Goal setting and accomplishment Personal Development Vortex offers a fun and safe environment with certified, professional instructors to […]

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Continuing Art Classes in Gross Ille

Monthly 2 hour long art classes will continue in the private studio of Donna Hinson in Grosse Ile. Space is still available for children ages 8 and up. Classes focus on art, not just crafts.  Previous sessions have included  tie-dye, weaving, paper-making, Sculpey modeling, and print making.  Future plans include  paper-mache, clay and further printmaking, among […]