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Middle School Math Activities Facebook Group -Wayne State University

Have your kids learned math concepts like rates, percentages, ratios and proportions (middle school topics usually) and yet they struggle when applying those concepts in real world situations? Need some meaningful math activities to supplement your math curriculum? Wayne State University researchers are developing math activities for parents to use with their kids. The activities […]

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Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Connections is proud to offer “high-quality classes that encourage a love of learning, help prepare students for college, and aid in qualifying for scholarships.” They offer both academic and enrichment classes, stimulating your child’s thirst for knowledge and nurturing a wide range of interests. Please click here for a list of their current classes at each location.

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Home School Varsity Fastpitch Softball

Check out the Strong Tower Softball Team!  They are a Homeschool Varsity High School Team playing a full season against competitive teams such as Centerline High, Oakland Christian, South Lake High, Lutheran Northwest, Parkway Christian, and a number of other public and private schools. They  are located and practice in the suburbs north of Detroit and […]

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The Parade Company Tours-Detroit

Do you want to get a behind the scenes look of The Parade Company?  That’s right, all families, groups, etc., can schedule a tour for $12.00 adults and $8.00 children.  This is a year-round opportunity. Get up close and personal to the floats you see in Detroit’s Thanksgiving Parade.  You will also get to see […]