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Grammarly is Your Personal Grammar Coach

  “I used Grammarly to grammar check  this post, because my mommy brain needs a break from trying to figure it out on my own.” Fellow homeschoolers, have you ever heard of Grammarly?  It’s an” automated proofreader and acts as your personal grammar coach.” This awesome program points out and explains those pesky grammar, spelling, […]

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Review: The Mother Company Books About Feelings

Sending a big shout out to The Mother Company, from whom I recently received some adorable reading material about preschooler feelings.   These are the people that bring you Ruby’s Studio, a charming little show in the same vein.  View a clip of the show, and see more about the books, here:  “A Little Book About […]

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Learning through Story Cubes

Does your child love to read or even make up stories of their own?  If so, Rory’s Story Cubes is the perfect educational game for your child.  What is the concept of this particular learning toy?  It’s really quite simple though it stretches the imagination and lets it run wild so to speak.  Here is […]

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Book Review Opportunity for Young Adults

Written by students, Flamingnet is a book review website with a twist. Student reviewers are given the opportunity to read and discover new books or advance copies (that have yet to hit the stores’ shelves) from authors and national publishers. With a mission “to promote reading and writing among young adults”, Flamingnet provides readers a fun, one-of-a-kind opportunity to […]